Dave Renfroe Pictures

Dave Renfroe, Pastor of Crestview Baptist Church

David Renfroe has been the pastor of Crestview Baptist for 9 years. This church is “ministry focused,” with a highlight on their bus ministry, which reaches out to their community. Members of Crestview had already been volunteering their services at Lighthouse before the opportunity arose to provide a means of transporting and discipling the women and children of the Jay & Eloise Troxel Family Center. “God began to grow our hearts and our ministry,” says Brother David. “And we appreciated the opportunity.”

Spiritual growth and community are two of Lighthouse’s “Four Pathways to Progress,” encouraging residents to develop an intimate relationship with God and teaching them how to develop healthy relationships, seek restoration, and serve. Crestview has become the Christ-centered church environment that embodies these ideals. They see “everybody as somebody, but nobody is more important than anyone else.” Their church’s mission statement is to “reach them, teach them, keep them and send them.”

The women and children of Lighthouse have become apart of Crestview’s community of believers. “Lighthouse has become less a ministry and more a family…they’ve done as much for us as we have for them.” As the women themselves are ministered to, other lives within the church family have been affected. “Sometimes you grow complacent in what you’ve done and what you’ve seen God do,” admits Brother David. “But hearing these ladies…all these ladies have a story, all these ladies have a life, and when you hear how God has infected their life then it affects your life because you’re walking alongside of them…and you’re seeing that God is moving, that God is working…”